Monday, 5 January 2009

Victoria's Secret HAIR

OK, I've, noticed a lot of us girls would kill to achieve the Victoria's Secret hair.

Its not as hard as you may think.

Every time I go out on a Girls night out, this is the look that I get asked to do time and time again.

The look is simply based on setting the hair and using hair pieces.

You need to use good products and with time and practice you could become a pro at this sex kitten hairstyle.

What you need: hair dryer, tongs, hair pieces (for volume and length), setting spray, a good hairspray.

On damp hair spritz through a setting lotion, I like Loreal Pli.

Blow dry the hair sleek and preferably use a round brush to get the ends under.

Section the hair and start to tong (large/medium barrel) in sections first using a bit of hair spray on each section and clip (I would use a brick wind set ). (you can use roller, but i prefer barrel curls)

The key is that once you have finished the set, leave it in as long as possible to let the hair cool down and so that the curls can set into place.

Whilst your hair is setting this is the perfect time to tong the hair pieces and clip the curls so that they cool down.

Once you have removed the clips, section where you will place the hair pieces. once hair pieces are secure now you can either use a rake to combe through or a mason and Pearson style brush.

p.s Don't forget the Elnette to keep your style in for longer.

I love this hairstyle, it is a real head turner, its sexy glamorous and fun.
p.s, I'm in the process of making a tutorial for this style will upload soon.

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